About this website and me

Profilbild_kleinMy name is Christian Mueller and I was born and raised in a small city called Gera in the eastern part of Germany. Currently I am living in Frankfurt/Main and even though time is somewhat scarce I try to travel as much as possible. I just love the feeling of being on the road, closing my eyes and waking up in a different place, meeting new people.

My first trip by myself in 2006 took me to New Zealand where I stayed for a year. On the way back to Germany, I stopped in Korea and China and got kind of addicted to travelling, particularly in Asia. Since then I came back to Asia serveral times. Sometimes just for fun, sometimes to study (Japan) and sometimes to do internships (Nepal and Japan). For the future I plan to travel more outside of Asia, especially to Latin America and Africa since I haven’t seen much of those places yet. However, I believe that it does not really matter where you go as long as you are with the right people. A big thanks goes out to all the awesome people I met during my travels.

On this website I would like to share some photos I took during the last years. I am not a professional photographer, so some of you might find those photos rather unspectacular. However, I just want to share the photos I liked and I would be really be happy to receive some feedback from you.

I hope you enjoy the photos displayed on this website. Just let me know if you have any comments or suggestions.

Thanks a lot.